So as far as new year's resolutions go, there are some life changes/adjustments that I plan on making but I haven't exactly ironed them out yet.  Besides, I don't feel like there is ever a time when I'm NOT trying to better my life, so resolutions don't quite apply for me.
Anyway...what I do want to do is make a few changes with the ol' blog.  With my bloggy b'day coming up soon (eep!) I think this is a perfect time to reflect what how blogging has been, but also what I want to do differently. So here are a couple changes that have crossed my mind.

1. Talk about motherhood more

It has never been my intention to write a parenting/mommy blog.  I love my kids & they take up about 95% of my day, but that is exactly why I blog.  To have ME time.  A place to call my own.  However...there are important parts of my life that I want to share that involve terrible twos, potty training, distractable 6 year olds and vaccination schedules.  Mommyhood is not just my is my life.  I promise you this though...SGT will not become a mommy-blog.  scouts honor.

2. Be real.

My favorite blogs are the ones that I feel are the most honest.  They aren't afraid to bare it all.  Dirty piles of laundry and misbehaving children. 
This year I want to work on blogging my life as it is, not how i want people to think it is.

3.  Let my goofy side show

because it's my favorite side.

4. 365 Photography
I haven't even found a link-up or anything yet, I'm just doing it because now is the time to start.  I want to see an entire year journaled with a picture a day.
Most of these will probably be iPhone pics.

5. Blog about music & books more
IF my blog had a single focus, which it does not, that single focus with be either music or books.  Reviews, releases, raves and complaints.  I still don't want my blog to have a single focus, but I would like to hone in on these topics a little more than I have.