Let me just start by saying, I'm no fashion guru, (we know this) but I do love shopping & putting looks together.  And I have to say I like MY style (that's the idea right?).
So, I figure these are the main criteria for playing along with this sweet gal's Friday's Fancies.  I stalk the fashion entries each week, so I've decided to finally play along.  A little. 

This week had a theme: color crush.  I almost went with gray and purple, but I've been wearing those colors out lately, so I stepped out of my usual and went with mustard. I adore mustard.

mustard color crush

You know me.  My style is based on comfort, and seriously, nothing looks comfier than those boots with those legwarmers.  I'm in. 
Throw in a slouchy sweater and I'm smitten.

I like that everything is relatively affordable & I could easily put this look together with even my budget.  Oh except for that $1400 bag.  Pshh!  They have one just like it at Target.

I'm quite happy with my little creation because I feel it would be something I'd actually wear.  Seriously, those boots.  I need those boots.