I try not to be negative.  I'm usually a glass-half-full kind of girl.  And I'll try not to be too whiny right now but I feel like the walls of this tiny-stupid-*&@$#-Alabama-town are closing in on me!

Juvenile outburst. I feel better.

I think I'm just missing Savannah a lot more than usual this week.  It's just a tad bit more boring here.  I'm taking this as a learning experience. It is now confirmed, I am 100% city girl.  I need culture, tourism, live musc, hustle&bustle, nightlife, beer that comes out of the wall.  (Yes, you heard me...there is NO draft beer in this tiny town I live in.) When I first got here, it was so nice.  A retreat.  Relaxing getaway.  And that got old real fast.  I want to go DO something.  I want to be inspired!  Thank God for blogs and good friends, or I'd surely go nuts.

Ah, first world problems, am I right?

Ending on a happy note...some things I do like about being here...
-our house is the nicest we've ever had.
-I'm watching my husband's dream come true
-I've made some hilariously great friends
-I've learned to appreciate Saturday nights spent around the backyard bonfire
-The thrift stores are stock full of antique treasures