Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  I'll have you all know this post started as Some Saturday Stuff...but it never got done...so now it's Monday.  C'est la vie.  My poor baby is sick so we enjoyed a lovely lazy weekend at home.  Last night I met up with a few friends for an Oscar watching get-together. Then came home & watched my DVR'd episode of SNL with my sick toddler until 1:30 in the morning.  Today might be rough but we'll make it through.
So here ya go.  Better late than never.  A few pics & links from the past couple weeks...
1. My child is a goof.  And I love it.
2. Got my tickets to Bonnaroo!  After a grueling 90 minutes on the site which apparently crashed.
3. Took a day trip to the beach with some of our friends.  Party of 15, please.  It was chaos and SO much fun.
4.  Hofbrau for lunch.  11:00am isn't too early for a liter, right?

Did the no-heat curl.  Before/After.  It wasn't too bad but my hair is a bit frizzy so I had the Gilda Radner look going on most of the day.  I'm sure if I used a little product it would have been better.
Used this tutorial to do it.  

I did a guest post swap with Melissa of Press Play.  I created some novel soundtracks (tunes to jam to while reading The Hunger Games) and she shared some of her favorite albums as a teenager. You should check it out.

Don't forget to blog your favorite couple for Thursday's linkup.
Have you seen my newest blog series?  If you like books, you'll probably be interested...


I adore this.  I may have to make a boy version for my kids.  Why not, right?

Source: etsy.com via Jessica on Pinterest

And no post is complete without a little music.  So enjoy.
A new Shins album coming out this year.  Bonnaroo 2012 baby!  

So let's raise our coffee cups...
Here's to a great week!