Oh goodness.  It's been a doozy of a week here. My mom has been in town for a couple weeks and yesterday we had a little too much fun.  She took a nasty spill trying to climb onto a ride with the boys and broke her arm!  Like ambulances and all.  So it's been a crazy couple of days with doctors, hospitals, pharmacies.  I know...not funny, right? I need a good laugh around these parts.  I apologize that my post this week is meager in the humor department.

I have a confession...I don't read much out of the "humor" section.  Like at all.  So I really need some great recommendations here, folks.
I read most of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and that was funny...in a weird way.

I really want to read a few biographies from some of my favorite funny people...

I love a character who can make me laugh...especially when the book is dark or dramatic.  It's nice to have that comic relief.
Minny & Celia
I just love Minny's feisty attitude and Celia's country charm.  
There were plenty of sad parts, for sure, but all I have to say is pie...and you know.

It's just nice (and probably hard) for authors to write in some humor that the reader "gets".

Again, I'm sorry that I don't have quotes and more for this week's book chat.  I promise I'll be back in full force next week!  

And about next week...
Let's talk about endings.  
What kind of endings do you love/hate?  Cliffhangers? Happy/Sad endings?
Is there a great ending quote you want to share?
What book had your favorite/least favorite ending?
Answer any or all of these. And don't worry about spoilers...just make sure you give fair warning. :)

Can't wait!
Share your link for this week below :)