First.  Thank you to everyone for participating in my weekend giveaway extravaganza.  You're all the sweetest bloggers.  If you still haven't entered to win, there's still time!  They will be open for a few more days.  Go win some cool stuff!

I loved hearing about everyone's birthday memories.  So since today is MY birthday *happydance* I thought I would share my favorite birthday memory.

It was just last year actually.  My mom was visiting, Jude was just a baby and Jeremy was deployed.  It all started when Becky and I went to Starbucks one evening for some girlie chit-chat (miss those like CRAZY) and I picked up this copy of a local music/arts magazine.

I was immediately intrigued.  I admit: I had never heard of Iron & Wine before, but something told me I would like it.  And oh look...he's playing in Savannah on my birthday.  So, what did I do?  I bought us two tickets the next Craigslist because they were sold out.  It was a major gamble.  Jude was still nursing at the time and I had never left him before.  Thankfully, it was nothing a long day at the park and no nap couldn't fix.

So off we went.

As far as concerts go, it was probably one of the best I have ever been to.  We just sat there, the whole time.  It was a bit bizarre to not get up and move around, but honestly, I was intoxicated by the music.  It was purely about the sound and it was bliss.

That night, Iron & Wine became one of my all-time favorite bands.
If you are not familiar, go give it a listen.

ALSO: That day I posted on the blog that I only needed one more follower to reach 28 followers on my 28th birthday...I ended up getting like 5 that day.  It was just awesome.  Hmmm...maybe 129 on my 29th birthday? too much? ;)

ANOTHER AMAZING ALSO: Did you know that in some parts of the world, April 23 is celebrated as the Day of the Book in honor of Shakespeare and Cervantes who both died on this day. (Shakespeare was also born on this day)  It's World Book Night should check that out.  I just learned this and I am ECSTATIC.  In many countries, they actually celebrate reading/writing/publishing and exchange books with friends.  Seriously!  Can we please make this a thing in the US!  I'm so on it.

How appropriate then that my new Alabama friends got me a book for a birthday!  They know me so well they even picked a book I want to read but haven't yet! It's totally Fifty Shades of Grey *blushing*

Then they put a sombrero on my head.
Thanks girls.

So Happy Birthday to me & Happy Book Day to you!!!