Last week, I asked you all to take us into your homes and show us all your reading experience.  It's all about the visual this week.  Your photos don't have to be fancy and your house doesn't have to be clean.

So here's a peak into my space.  

I do the majority of my reading in bed. Mainly at night. But sometimes I can steal away an hour or so to read in the daytime.  I don't normally choose the bed to read in then, but sometimes it's the only quiet place available.  Reading sessions that begin this way, turn quickly into naps.  The mom who can nap, will.

This is my nightstand. Minus the diapers, hair ties, and yesterdays glass of water.  

The current read, as well as the trusty ol' Kindle & bookmark collection are stored here.

My collection.  It's not much. I lose bookmarks like it's no ones business.

Speaking of bookmarks, Jonathan & I made some dinosaur bookmarks for his 5th birthday party.  You can find that "how-to" here.

If I have a daylight hour to kill and my mommy/blogging/cleaning duties are fulfilled, (and it's not a nap I'm looking for) I will curl up in my reading chair and waste away in the land of fiction.
It's my favorite spot in the house.

That chair used to look like this.

There is nothing better than curling up near that sunny window with a good book and a hot cup of coffee.

And now...a peak at my bookshelves.
Yes, I alphabetize.

The classics.

Just a few on my YA shelf.

My bookshelves are a bit pathetic considering what a bibliophile I am.  I literally saved them from their landfill doom a few years back in Germany.  I desperately need to get some nicer ones, or give these ones a facelift.  It's embarassing.

Have you all seen my floating bookshelf tutorial?

Just a few of my favorites

And I really couldn't do a photo post without sharing some cuteness!

Sharing the love of books with my two favorite people.

Can't wait to see your photos!

As for next honor of Holocaust Remembrance day, the book chat for April 19th will be to share your favorite Historical book, fiction or non-fiction.

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