I haven't done a sweet links post in forever but I have been collecting posts that I want to share.  So I will share a few with you today...enjoy.

For the parents:
Sadie Dear reminds us that hobbies will always be there, but babies grow.  And you know...she shares an awesome video of an Avett brother...so there's that too.

For the writers:
Writing Advice You've Never Heard from Lauren Oliver herself.

For the bloggers:
Are you responsible with the photos you use?  I am following Megan's example here.

For the Bonnaroo'ers:
Tips for building your own shower as well as a giant tent flag.  Much appreciated, my friend.

For the music lovers:
Do your ear holes a favor and listen to this "Creep" cover.

For the Vegan...or the stoner?
Great site for recipes and cute illustrations.

Did you see the music swap guest posting Melissa & I did this week?

And you're going to need a music video of the week of course, so I give you The Dirty Guv'nahs.  My new favorite...
Great song for a Saturday if you ask me.

Funny story.  I actually saw this band live already.  I saw them in a bar in Atlanta a few years ago without knowing their name, but I was very much digging their performance.  As I was checking out the Bonnaroo lineup I watched this video and everything sort of clicked. I think it was the Hyde doppleganger that gave it away.  I can't wait to see them again!

Oh yes, and one more thing...my husband will be one of the many soldiers holding the American flag on the field before the Braves game on Monday.  I'm very excited for this!

Happy Saturday friends!!