I've been putting this off for a couple weeks but here are more pictures from our family vacay we took a few weeks ago in Tampa, Florida.

But first, before I continue...if you don't have kids, then you might not realize the impossible'ness of getting a toddler to sleep in a hotel room.  It is pull-your-hair out frustrating for sure.  And it does not matter how tired they are...if their crib is not present and the precise bedtime routine is not followed, they are just not going to cooperate.
One tyrant toddler.

On day three of our trip, we headed out to Busch Gardens.  

We've been to B.G. before, but this was the first time we've gone with roller-coaster-able children, or well, child.  And like I said last time...apparently our six and half year old is fearless (lucky me) and loves the heck out of some roller coasters.  So that was mainly the feature of the day.  

He rode coasters that made me want to cry multiple times!
I've never felt like such a wuss.

Thankfully, Jeremy was there and it was quite the bonding experience for them.

 There was also the Sesame Street themed mini-park that was quite the treat for little Jude.

He never passes up the opportunity to be tossed around in a big room with an inflatable floor.

These rides I can handle.

And of course, the animals.  

 This child loves reptiles.

 Feedin some birds.

 Thank you, once again to my handy Ergo carrier.  We actually brought the stroller in this time with every intention of using it, but Jude had other plans.  We parked it by the train station 15 minutes after entering the park and picked it up 15 minutes before leaving.  Once again, full day in the Ergo with no pain or aches.  It's a miracle I tell you.

Another lovely day in sunny Florida with my boys.  

Next up: Dinosaur World
you know my kid went ape-$#!& crazy for that.