I am always compiling an ongoing list of links/quotes/videos and I've noticed a trend in the list recently, so this weeks Sweet Links edition is for the writer...

An incredible video for aspiring writers/artists/musicians/anyone:

Great articles:
Leave Out Any Extra Words That You Don't Really Need from Caragh O'Brien
The Writing Affliction by Lauren DeStefano <---excellent article my friend Melissa shared with me.

"There is also no 'wanting' to be a writer. There’s wanting to be published, sure, and there’s wanting to be better. But if this is your path, then in all probability, there comes a day in which you reach the awareness that you just ARE a writer." -Lauren DeStefano 

 Great blogs for writers:

I love this list of blogging topic ideas.

If you have any to add to the list, please share.
Happy Saturday!