It's that time of year again. Back to school!  I love this time of year like I love Christmas {maybe more?}.  You all know what a nerd I am, so you really shouldn't be surprised by how much I love celebrating school.  In honor of this quasi-holiday, I have prepared some helpful and fun posts for the parents, teachers, and students all headed back to the pencil sharpeners, trapper keepers and lunch lines. {I'm clearly still living in the 90's}

Last year, Jonathan's teacher encouraged the students to collect the most box tops in the entire school.  Jonathan came home one day and began inspecting cereal boxes in the pantry and scolded me for throwing away precious dollars that could go toward his school.  To which I responded, "what? these little ten cent labels on my brownie mix?  They actually use these??" Who knew.  Turns out that these can really add up, and I know how tight the budget is in our school system, so literally, every penny counts.  Now, we inspect every box, bag, and candy wrapper before we throw them away.

Rather than losing them and letting them collect dust behind the fridge or in the junk drawer, we turned an empty  pasta sauce jar into "Our box top jar".  Recycling AND collecting money for school! Look at us go.  

I hate to sound like a cliche but it really is fun working together and helping his school out.  It was really easy, so easy in fact that I'm sharing the printable here for you.  All you have to do is print it on regular printer paper, cut it out and glue or tape it on a cleaned out jar. {we prefer Newman's Own Marinara}  Set the jar out in the kitchen and make sure every one is checking what they are about to throw out.


When it fills up, pass the box tops  on to the school and they can spend the money on something cool like new dodge balls or something.  

Let me know if you use this in your home. I'd love to see pics!
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