My little boy is two years old today!  This is clearly impossible given that he was a tiny newborn just yesterday.  I really cannot handle how fast they grow.

This year has been a fun one.  We have watched Jude transform from a baby to a toddler and form his own likes and dislikes.  He has learned to communicate and to play with other children.  He shows more emotion and affection.  When he smiles now, you know it is because he is genuinely happy, and it is such an infectious smile.  He copies nearly everything his brother does and sometimes whatever Mama or Daddy is doing.

He has had his toddler moments for sure, but the majority of the time, he is flexible and easy-going.  He's able to put together words now to form 2-3 word sentences, and that is an exciting thing to watch him learn.  He sings to himself, familiar songs from YGG, and it is one of my favorite things to hear.
This is, by far, our favorite age.  It goes so quickly, so we try to take in every moment we can. Every day he learns something new and becomes just a little less of a baby.  I want to save this stage forever.

"Go Gaga" = Yo Gabba Gabba
"Kee-Cat" = Kitty Cat
"Hot Gog" = hot dog
"Ah-Ped" = iPad
"Momas" = Thomas
"Bruh-er" = Brother
"Jona-ten" = Jonathan
"I-dee" = Heidi
"Tar" = guitar
"bir-day" = birthday
"'meer" = come here
"Wash-ish" = Watch this
...and much more.

How to count from 1-13
Knows colors green, blue, purple, orange and red
The first half of a knock-knock joke
The lyrics to nearly every YGG song
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and his "Nigh-Night Song"

Dear Jude,
You bring so much joy to our lives, we are constantly amazed by how one little person can make us love so much.  You are such a happy, fun boy.  I see your creativity, your humor, your intelligence, your unique personality blossoming a little more each day.  Today is your day sweet boy.  We love you so big!  Happy Birthday!
Mama, Daddy & Brother