There has been a lot of talk about home around here lately.
How and when we'll get to go home to see family again?
Where our next home might be?
Which city feels like home most?

We've lived in a few different places as a family. We met in Arizona where Jeremy grew up. We started our family overseas in Germany. We bought our first home in Savannah, Georgia.
It's very difficult for us to define where home really is. When you're in the military, home really is wherever you are together.
Alabama is our very temporary home, but still a home nonetheless. One year from now we should be closing that U-Haul door and moving on to the next phase. Like every Army wife, I'm anxious to know where that is. I want to research schools, houses, area, etc. I start planning a life somewhere else before I've finished the one I'm at.  Always focusing on the next move, the next house, the next orders.

Like always, we don't get much choice in the matter, but once Jeremy becomes a helicopter pilot, our choices of duty stations decreases substantially. There are a few places I've got my eye on.

Photo courtesy of Carrie Henegar
I've been in the south, Midwest, southwest...I'm ready for my PNW experience.  I know I already have a few friends in that area to greet me. Am I keen on the thought of losing hot summers and constant sunshine? No, but it's coastal, and that's very important to me. I can't be landlocked, I need the ocean to feel free.

Photo courtesy of Girl Meets Camera

Ocean. Free. You get it.
Also, we are major get-out-of-house people. We are travelers and explorers. I want to go snorkeling and ride zip lines and see real waves. Hawaii is for families like us. And seriously, imagine what this could do for my blog!

Savannah, GA

Savannah is cobblestone streets, farmers markets under giant live oak trees, haunted streets and Spanish moss. Savannah is the greatest St. Pats party in the world, southern charm, art school hipsters and Paula Deen. Where I made the most amazing friends and learned how much I could accomplish. My heart remains on the campus where I spent three special years of my life and going back to Savannah would mean getting to return home to finish what I started.

And then there's Germany.

I know so many military families who got their start in Germany, but I don't really know if it had the effect on anyone like it had on us. We became "us" in Germany. We found our love of travel and history there. We found our home. Our first home.
To this day, we ache for Germany.

I don't know what the future holds.  We have been very lucky, I think, with our duty stations.  And even if we do end up somewhere less desirable, we always make the best of it.
Wherever we do end up, we'll just add it to the long list of places we consider home.

Is there a place that feels most like home to you?

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