I could start a recurring series on the blog called "What the Toddler Found"

"oooh pretty..."
"It's okay Mom.  Go back to your computer.  I got this. 
Oh yeah, and I just decorated the calendar."
"You're busy, Mom.  I'll just finish these PTA forms for you."

"What's that clicking noise?"

And my personal favorite...

"Mmmm....this chocolate paper is delicious!  Mom, you have to try this."

That last one is my favorite.  I have to clarify that he did that after I paid for the groceries.  I literally had to hand that chomped candy bar to cashier and go, "I guess we're getting this too."

Oh never a dull moment with this one.  He's not at all mischievous or naughty.  I genuinely believe that he thinks of himself as a big kid who can do what everyone else does.  Except for the Rolo bar incident.  I think he was just hungry then.

I promise to keep my phone ready and waiting for the next round of what the toddler found.

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