Wow.  I loved this book so, so much (if you couldn't tell by the five stars).  As a fan of usually heavier fiction of a darker nature, I did not expect to fall so abundantly in love with this story and these characters.  This is more than just a "fun" read.  Yes, it's funny (very funny) but it's also thoughtful and reflective.

The story is based around Lily and Dash and a notebook that they exclusively communicate through, leaving each other dares, clues and diary entries.  The story picks up immediately when Dash finds the mysterious journal and it's clues on page one.

The  novel is written in alternating chapters of first person either from Lily or Dash.  As you probably guessed, Dash is written by David Levithan and Lily by Rachel Cohn.  Whereas you might think this would be confusing or tiresome, I assure you, it is not.  In fact, I found the nature of this storytelling so natural, at times I forgot I was reading and that these people were fictional.

What I loved about this book... (everything)

* It is so funny.

* The characters are unique, lovable, in-depth, flawed.

* I love that the plot and character development is interwoven through out the novel, and you know that everything you are reading has a purpose in the story.

* The plot is unpredictable and genuinely enjoyable.

* It so quotable.

One of the greatest things about this story is, like I said, it's more than just fun and quirky.  It has a true sincerity that is constantly touching on the characters' struggles with love, happiness and teenage existence all-together.

"I was attempting to write the story of my life.  It wasn't so much about plot.  It was much more about character." -Dash

You will like this book if you like...
* Sarcastic humor
* John Green
* Laughing at hipsters

This is one of the most enjoyable reads I've encountered in a long time.  It wasn't nail-biting suspense, but pure literary companionship.  This is the first book I can say I cannot wait to read again.

5 out of 5 stars.

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