This week is all about Halloween ideas.  On Thursday, we're sharing some literary costume ideas.  And since today is Tunesday, I thought it would be perfect to share some fun costume ideas inspired by music's icons.  These are all pretty easy to recreate with your own wardrobe at home.

1.  Janis Joplin

Basically, to pull of Janis, you need big hair, big round glasses, some fur, feathers and lots and lots of accessories.  And a big smile.

2. Sgt. Peppers
You could go so many different routes with The Beatles, but I personally enjoy the Sgt Pepper's avenue.  Neon jacket, round glasses, and a stache.  I'm a personal fan of the fu manchu. 

3. All you need is some face paint and you have David Bowie or a Gotye music video.

4. And my personal favorite...
Buddy Holly

I love the idea of girl-a-fying a male look.  Good luck getting that song out of your head now.

Those are just a few ideas I came up with.  There are SO many more you could go with.

You know, you could always dress your toddler up as...

...wait for it...


Ha ha!  That is Jonathan circa 2007.  He was 2 years old and he made an excellent Elvis.  He won awards and stole hearts with that get-up.  We even taught him to shake his hips and throw his arm up.  You can't see it well in this picture, but we did spray his hair black and draw on sideburns.  It was to die for.

Do you have any other musical costume ideas?  Have you ever dressed up as one before?

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