This past weekend, we took a spontaneous trip to Atlanta.  It is truly one of my favorite cities.  We always have fun when we visit.  This time we chose to check out Stone Mountain Park, just east of the city and enjoy the cool weather and breath-taking autumn colors.  

They have so much to do there.  You can choose to go on independent hikes around or up the mountain.  We chose to take the sky tram route.  
Don't be alarmed.  Even though it appears my children are standing near a sharp cliff, the top of the mountain is actually just a dome shape, and that is only an illusion.  
No cliff, I promise.
The weather was Beautiful.  The views were breath-taking.  The kids had a blast.  It was an overall perfect day.
After resting up that afternoon, we headed out for the State fair that was in town.  My husband, as it turns out, is a huge fair fan.  How did I not know this?  He was so pumped to take Jonathan on all of the fair "musts" including the Ring of Fire.  We paid far too much for a ride on the very chilly Ferris Wheel.  We rubbed elbows with Georgia's finest and the boys oogled over the world's largest hog and the tiniest horse.  It was the fair at it's best.

We braved the cold, crowds and high prices for simply the best day we've had in a long time.