Jude's room has been a work-in-progress since we moved in.  
I knew I wanted his room to be simple and classic.  
Every trip to the flea market or antique store, I grab a thing or two to add.

The YGG banner was from his birthday. I found the idea here.
The Ernie cross-stitch was from my childhood.  My mom made it & it hung in my room.
The story book chair I found at a flea market & immediately fell in love with it.

I like to collect decorative letters at antique stores.  The E doesn't stand for anything.  I just put random letters up around his room.

vintage Fisher Price toys are the best.

I keep a collection of old books in his room.  They have the best covers.
The Rolling Stones in the back of the pile is one I bought when I pregnant.  It's the special edition "Best Songs of All Time" issue.  Hey Jude is #6.

Well, that's just bits & pieces of his room.  It rarely looks this clean.  It's the most tranquil room in the house.  I love sitting in there with him and reading a book while he plays around me.


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