The cover of this book has been grabbing my attention for months.  The synopsis didn't grab me right away, but I had also read Water for Elephants and was not a huge fan, so I was a bit scorned by the circus stories.

This was nothing like other circus stories.  This was nothing like any other stories at all.

I started this book on audiobook.  I HIGHLY recommend this audiobook.  The reader had such an exquisite accent and voice.  He was genuinely a pleasure to listen to.  Also, I know this book starts off a little slow, so having it read to you in such an appealing voice helps to make up for that.  I have to admit, less than halfway through, I had to get the actual book from the library because listening to it in the car was just not enough.

As for the book itself, I'll say this...
This is probably the best writing I have encountered in any book, anywhere.  Morgenstern is an artist.  She paints such a magnificent dream with her writing.  This book was not a story.  This book was an entire world within itself.  This was something to immerse yourself in.   This is the kind of story that feels like home.  Somewhere you can visit, escape to.  Like a dream.

I could not wait to get back to it.  And when I was away from it, I couldn't stop thinking about it.

I love that this book has a plethora of highly developed characters.
I love that the romance is genuine and sweet without being overbearing or redundant.
I love everything about this book.

I cannot say it enough.

Read. this. book.

FIVE very sentimental stars.

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