Christmas is right around the corner.   You might have a lover of music that you are buying for this year.  Here you will find, a collection of the internet's best for gift ideas...

((1)) Original Owl Painting - How precious is this painting?  And original artwork is such a special gift to give.  Etsy Shop: Water in my Paint - $40.00 - source

((2)) Retro "Life is a Mixed Tape" print - love this print.  There are many more in this artist's shop.  Etsy shop: handz - $17 - source

((3)) Record Player printed notebook - What a gem. This is just too sweet.  Etsy shop: TwoGuitars - $8.00 - source

((4)) Vintage records.  Even if who you're buying for doesn't have a record player, album covers make great wall art and if they have a favorite musician, these can make very special gifts.  source

((5)) Hand-stamped guitar pick bracelet.  I've seen jewelry makers do some great things with guitar picks.  Most of these shops will personalize the picks with your own quote.  Consider song lyrics or names. Etsy shop: Carries Custom Designs - $20 - source

I see so many great song lyric prints online.  If you find an artist online that you like, sometimes they will customize a print with the song lyrics of your choice.   Etsy Shop: Rag and Bone Studio - $22 - source

I have a soft spot for Jason Munn musician posters.  They are so clever and unique.  There is an entire collection online. $40 source

Show your loved ones how well you really know them with a gift geared toward their favorite genre, song or band.  Happy holiday shopping!