Today, I'm linking up with Julie at Back to the Basics for her Five for Friday link party.

So here are the five things I'm loving...

1. Nesting dolls

I have always loved nesting dolls, but it seems now they are popping up everywhere.  My best friend got me those nesting doll measuring cups for Christmas.  Aren't they great?
I have only one real nesting doll of my own. I found her at a flea market and she has no babies, just a lonely matrioshka.  I'm pretty fond of her.
And how about those YGG nesting dolls!  They sold out in ONE day.  But not before my mom snatched up a set for Jude.

2. Amazon Student
Amazon came to my rescue this week in a big way.  The books I ordered from the school's book store were put on backorder (last minute, so thanks for that).  I was able to get the text books I needed in time using Amazon Students FREE 2 day shipping.  Hallelujah Amazon!

3. my new iPad
Jeremy surprised me Wednesday with a brand spanking new iPad.  It's mainly a going-back-to-school present, but I'm still clueless as to what else I should be using it for.  If you have any good blog/design/writing/music apps to suggest, I'm all ears!

4. Les Miserables

I saw this movie last weekend and I have had the music in my head for 6 days straight. No joke.  I bought the soundtrack because I just needed to hear it, hoping it would get it out of my head.  I actually thought I could just listen to Anne Hathaway sing "I Dreamed a Dream" at my leisure.  Ha.  Cue the snot and tears as I'm driving.  Still, I can't stop listening to it.
If you haven't seen this movie yet, you need to.  Everyone did such a remarkable job in this musical.

5. The ELEVEN link-ups for yesterday's book chat!
Seriously, that was awesome.  I love hosting the book chat whether 2 or 200 people link up.  Seeing all of the new people as well as the return of some old friends...yesterday was a good day.
If you have any topic ideas or want to co-host the book chat with me, please email or comment below.

Next week's topic is self-help or inspirational books.

Happy Friday!