Did you watch the Oscars last night?

Let me tell you, we had so much fun.  At my IRL party and our little Twitter party.  I was happy with almost all of the winners, the dresses were gorgeous, and I thought Seth Macfarlane did a fantastic job.  We laughed our butts off.  And we needed to, because we ate SO much good food.

Here are some shots of our evening...

Where there is good food and chilled wine, you will find the three of us.  I love that this is our second year watching the Oscars together, and I wish we could do it again next year, but the Army is cruel.  Anyway, look at that plate! Caprese salad, shrimp cocktail, avocado-stuffed pastry, brie stuffed mushrooms and something call the "ex-girlfriend sandwich".  (long story)  I was stuffed and tipsy the whole night through. Mary even printed off a ballot we could all mark our predictions on.  Fun, fun, fun night!
Thanks for not bringing up my weird face.

And then there was the party on Twitter.  My friends were nice enough to put up with my nose in my phone all night.  I will never watch an awards show without Twitter again.  Thank you to everyone who joined in the #sgtOscarsParty.  Here are a few of my favorite tweets of the night...

Gotta love that Megan joined us after her morning gym routine in KOREA!

Jen from That's What She Read...hilarious.

And Jen's Mom...this was my favorite...

Oh and this one had us ROLLING

As for the show, I didn't do too bad on my predictions.  My favorite winners of the night were definitely Christoph Waltz and Jennifer Lawrence.  To be honest, I predicted Jessica Chastain, but I was ecstatic when JLaw won.  I feel like she took a hit to her serious acting career when she took on the Katniss role, so as a HUGE fan of her work and The Hunger Games, I'm grateful and glad she won.
I was disappointed that Beasts of the Southern Wild didn't take anything home.  They don't need awards though...they rocked the Indie Film fests.
I was bummed that Hugh Jackman didn't beat Daniel Day-Lewis.  I'd like a rematch, and this time DDL has to sing live the entire time.
Okay, I admit, he could probably still pull it off.
But I do want to talk him out of that little boy haircut from now on.

And since we're talking about hair and fashion...I'm no expert, but for my money here are my picks of best and worst dressed...

I think the Best Dressed was unanimous...

The photo doesn't show the necklace well, but I loved that simple touch.  The color was gorgeous and the unique, bold skirt was breathtaking.

My personal favorite
Fierce and gorgeous. RAWR.

And the worst...
I hate to say it, but this dress...shake my head. What was she thinking?  And the flowery necklace was a little juvenile. I couldn't stand any of this look at all.  It didn't take long for #AnneHathawaysNipples to trend on Twitter.

Now, on to the last piece of business.  I promised before that one of the SGT Oscars Party participants would win some cash to Fandango...and that winner is....

Elle from Wishin' Good Luck!!

Congrats to Elle!  Go check your email. :)

Thank you to everyone for participating!