It's Thursday, and I think we all know what that means.

First, let me introduce my co-host this week.  Maria and I just recently found each others' blogs, and I think it was love at first read.  Too cheesy?  Anyway, she's a lit-loving, eccentric blogger, and her style is unique and of very good quality.  It's the blog you've been looking for, basically.  So, go check it out.

On to today's topic...

Do you ever pick up a book on your shelf, that you've already read, and just read it again?  Is that something people do?  Is it weird that I have never done this?  Seriously, I have some favorite books, and I have been known to just pick up a book I love, turn to a random page and read a line or saying Hey to an old friend.  But I have never taken a week or more out of my precious reading time to read something that has already made its way through my brain.

For the record, I understand the appeal.  I have favorite movies that I enjoy watching for the 77th time.  I have favorite music that I play on repeat rather obsessively.  But I just cannot justify reading a book that I have already read.

In my defense, I know that I should.  I have heard people say that they discover something new each time.  And that it's like hanging out with your best friend again.  And why wouldn't you want to dive back into a fictional world that is so fantastic?  Why not do it, at the very least, to be able to brag that it's your favorite book, you've read it over 5 times.

However, like any good book fiend, I have a humongous to-be-read shelf.  I already have my next 5 books planned out.  And there's plenty more where that came from.  Unlike most book reviewers out there, I don't read at lightning speeds.  I take 1-2 weeks per book, and I'm off to a rough start in 2013.  I've only finished ONE book so far.  *hanging head in shame*   I have reviews and deadlines and spicy sequels to get to.  I don't have time to relive The Quarter Quell again.  Plus, I already know what happens.  Won't I be bored?

School is the only reason I have ever re-read anything.  Curriculum is repetitive, and I've read Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, To Kill A Mockingbird and Lord of the Flies no less than eight time each.  I have to say re-reading The Giver with ten years between did not mean I enjoyed it anymore in my adult years.  I still stand by the assertion that it's one of YA's best, but the magic was lost the second time around.

Obviously, I'm being absurd.  I really do want to re-read some of my favorites.  That is, after all, the reason they are still on my bookshelf.  I love having them in the room with me, like companions.  I do have the best intentions to pick them up again.  I keep saying I will do it, but people keep publishing new books and there just isn't enough time.  But I hate to think I'll never see Hazel and Augustus again.

Here's my list of books I would gladly pick up again (and plan to!):
1. The Book Thief
2. Catching Fire (this one I have to reread before the movie comes out.  I completely forgot it all)
3. The Fault in Our Stars
4. The Night Circus (I honestly miss this book, daily)
5. The Mermaids Singing
6. In the Country of the Young

So, how about you?  Is there an old favorite you've been dying to relive?  Or are you like me and never re-read anything?

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