Happy Valentine's Day!


Today, Brighton joins us again as the.book.chat. cohost.  When I asked for a co-host for Romance novel week, I just knew Brighton would be the first and best person for the job.  I finally have someone to gush about cheesy vampire romance novels with!  Please go say HI to Brighton.  She's the best. :)


Today's Book Chat topic is all about Romance novels.  It's time to confess your guilty pleasures.  Whether it be historical maidens with busting bosoms, rowdy cowboys in tight jeans, or sexy vampires with a taste for...um...blood.  You know you love them...now it's time to dish.

What are your favorite romance novels?

If you've been around here before, you already know what I'm going to talk about...

Honestly, I never thought I would like romance novels.  They're really not my usual style. They're so cheesy and uncomfortably graphic at times (Hi, Fifty Shades).  It was a few years ago when I was really into paranormal fiction that I picked up this book.

I had seen it pretty much everywhere and finally decided that if so many people loved it, it couldn't be that bad.  After finishing it, I thought it was OKAY.  So I grabbed the second one anyway. Within days, I was running to every book store in town trying to collect the rest of the books in the series.

I still read the new books as soon as they come out.  Now that we only get one a year, I miss those days when I buried myself in those books for days at a time.  I could tell you exactly who each book is about and exactly what order they go in.  It's a sickness, I tell you.  And the next one comes out March 26, and I am so excited. SO excited.  We have been waiting YEARS for this couple to get their own book, and I'll just say they're a unique couple and this could easily be my favorite.

Yes, they're cheesy.  Yes, they're silly and sappy.  But they're also heart-felt and genuine.  I love them.

Since then, I've tried a few others in the genre, and they're OKAY, but I just don't love them.  Some are too sappy, some too graphic.  I'll just stick with my Black Dagger Brotherhood (stop judging me).

Oh, and I'm currently reading this book.  The movie looks so cute so I had to read it.  I cannot stop reading it!  Zombie love story...it's hilarious and romantic and fantastic.

Okay, you're turn.  Spill it.

Bring your heart-shaped chocolates and come book chat with us!

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Next week's topic: Books you'd like to see as movies.

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