I have a pattern of neglecting to share personal photos and details on the blog, then I do a massive photo dump, so this is what this is.  Here's what we've been up to around here...

Top left: This little guy was hit with the serious sickies last week.  It was rough.  I hate seeing my little guy so sick.  //  Top Right: He wanted to see his throat in the camera because it hurt. You can also see some killer pink eye. // Bottom Left: Even though this guy was hit too, he still barreled through the school week. // Bottom Right: THIS guy, after some hard work and heavy studying, finished flight school! Woop whoop!

TL: Finally, when the sickies were gone, we were ready to be outdoors! Smiles all around.  The weather finally turned around, so we've been going for walks and hitting the playgrounds for some much needed vitamin D. // TR: Since the movers are coming next week, and we can't plant flowers to celebrate spring, we've been drawing them.  We are learning what plants need to grow. "Plants need water and thun" // BL: Sunshine means bike rides in the park.  We have fallen in love with some of the bike trails here.  I hope we have some nice ones in Germany too. // BR: Daddy took us out to eat to celebrate no more sickies and no more flight school!  We went to a Japanese restaurant where they cook on the table.  The kids loved it.  I love getting quality time with these guys.

TL: When we were home all week with the germs, we had to find ways to entertain ourselves.  Taking silly selfies is one way to do it. // TR: Another shot of our dinner. Looking dapper, making weird faces. // BL: Jeremy had a fun day at the beach celebrating with his class buddies, so the kids and I had a day to ourselves.  We did a lot of walking and had a picnic at the park.  No one cried all day and it was 100% stress free.  We were all so happy to just be outdoors and having fun. // BR: When I'm having good hair days, and my outfit comes together just right, these miracles need to be recorded.

TL: The kids FaceTiming with my parents.  You gotta love technology.  // TR: I wish I could bottle up this giggle and keep it forever. //  BL: Beautiful day in Alabama. Lots of walking in the sun. I was one happy mama. // BL: Hello, eyelashes.

Hope you have all had a great week!