We are going on week two of our new life in Germany, and as of Tuesday we will be out of this hotel and into our new apartment. We saw three apartments (free-standing houses are practically non-existent) and we decided on the third one we saw...how very House Hunters International of us, right? There were so many things that drew us to this apartment...the village, the street, the views, the commute and the basic amenities included. We fell in love instantly. We were too afraid to let it go, so we signed the papers right away.

Something I've learned about myself in my recent adulthood is that I tend to suffer from anxiety revolving around any major decision. This is probably normal, but I struggle so much with second-guessing myself. The moment we committed to this apartment, the anxiety set in. I began to fear it was too small/we chose too soon/we should have waited/we made the wrong choice. My mind became a chaotic mess of doubt.

However, what I lack in confidence, I make up for in optimism. My mental perspectives are at war with each other. But anxiety is an irrational opponent. It doesn't speak from reason, but from fear.

I try to brush off the worry, but it's hard. In my defense, we have been under a lot off stress since moving to Germany. It's so hard to feel comfortable with yourself and make clear choices when you're so far out of your comfort zone. We're not surrounded by our things, our people, our home...we're alienated. I am so anxious to make this new space our home because I'm very homesick for it.

Let me tell you, I'm so excited to begin the design process. I have my Ikea catalog and my shopping list ready. I'm stalking Apartment Therapy and fully-intend on adopting the small-space living culture. My husband and I have dropped the word "crowded" from our vocabulary and replaced it with "cozy." We feel very European with our little family dwelling. What it lacks in indoor space, it more than makes up for in outdoor space.

A little bit about our new home, it's the third floor apartment of a three story building...which really looks a lot like a house. Like a lot of European apartments, the floor plan is one hallway with each room extending off of it. It's very different from the states. It's on a dead-end street that is surrounded by acres of land on the outskirts of a charming little village. Our landlord is a farmer and our neighbors have their own chickens and make their own honey. The kids will have the freedom and space to run and play on a street I can be comfortable with.

Another sure-fire way to make the best out of anything, blog your way through it. I definitely plan on sharing this new adventure on the blog. I hope to make this transformation a reoccurring part of my writing life.

For now...here are some shots of our new home...

left // the view from my kitchen window (see my neighbor's chickens?)
right top // our backyard
right bottom // the hallway (polka-dot floors!)

top left // living room (the floor, the view, I die)

top right // the neighborhood

bottom left // dining area

bottom right // kitchen

top left // the front of our building (I will personally remove that satellite dish)

top right // standing on our balcony (many coffees will be drunk here)

bottom // the view of our village from the balcony (I must be in heaven)


Honestly, I love this apartment. I am in love with this space and this area. Knowing that this view is ours feels unreal. I cannot wait to make it truly our own.