Tuesdays, as you know, are my days to blog music.  But then there is is this awesome book link-up that I always want to participate it.  This week I think I have solved the problem.  It's a mashup!  You'll see...
At The Broke and the Bookish, the prompt for this week's Top Ten Tuesday is Top Ten Character Crushes.

For me, strong male characters are a must and driving force in my favorite novels.  It doesn't always have to be romantic and they don't always need an ego like an iceberg.  I like a male counterpart who challenges the protagonist while also being multi-dimensional himself.  There are too many, what I call, cardboard cut-out male characters these days.  I like a character with a little danger and mystery.  Don't just stand there and look cute and mysterious.  Be an honest character.

Technically, the prompt today asked for Top Ten Characters I would crush on...and it should be said that there is no "would".  I straight up crush on these characters like they were real.  Because that's not weird, right?

Here are my favorite, most memorable, most lovable, most if-I-weren't-married-and-you-weren't-fictional-we-would-totally-get-married, crushable characters.  Each with their own song that I feel goes well with their crush-ability.

I love Marco's mysteriousness but also his gentleness.  His love for Celia was so sweet and subtle yet devoted and passionate. He tore at my heart strings in a major way.
"Give Me Love" - Ed Sheeran

I almost didn't pick up the sequel to If I Stay.  Nothing against it, I just didn't need to know more. But once I found out that it was narrated and revolved around Adam, I was so in.  I loved everything about Adam. I loved his struggle, his sincerity and his hopeless broken heart.  I did not think Mia deserved him and even though this whole book broke my heart for him, I secretly wished I could be the one to dry his tears.  
"All I Want" - Kodaline

This is me biting my knuckle whilst thinking about Jericho Barrons. Good God, man.  The tension in this novel between Mac and Barrons was the most torturous and longest lasting of any series I've read.  If I told you I didn't perk up in every scene with him, I'd be lying.  Mr. Mysterious & Dangerous. **faints**
"Bedroom Hymns" - Florence + the Machine

The "I hate you/I love you" dynamic of Elizabeth and Darcy was classical romantic tension at its finest.  Mr. Darcy? More like Mr. Hard-to-Get.  His brutish honesty & mysterious manner was just downright sexy for a guy in a cravat and man-capris.  
"Stubborn Love" - The Lumineers
"The opposite of love is indifference"
Stubborn Love by The Lumineers on Grooveshark

I know that Max wasn't a romantic character in this novel, but there was just something about him that I loved.  He was such a great guy and that book he wrote for Liesel...I died.  As for crush-ability...even though this story was narrated by Death and mainly revolved around Liesel, the lady in me couldn't stop thinking what a catch Max was.  Still and always - my favorite male character of all time.
"Mr. November" - The National
Mr. November by The National on Grooveshark

For a series with 11 books (so far), I have not once decided on which brother was my favorite.  I have liked them all pretty equally.  They are all alike in many ways.  Until now.
I have loved Qhuinn since he was first introduced to us in whatever book that was.  It was too long ago. But we have been there to watch him, Blay and John Matthew grow up together.  Even through his wilder days, I was always secretly rooting for him.  He is so perfectly sensitive and hardcore.
And this song...**fanning myself***
"Gorilla" - Bruno Mars
Gorilla by Bruno Mars on Grooveshark

Yes, he is technically a robot.  So what.  There is just something safe and comforting about Finn.  And...sexy...?
Don't you love when a character surprises you by making you feel a way you wouldn't expect.
Yeah, me too. 
"Metal Heart" - Cat Power
Metal Heart by Cat Power on Grooveshark

I was literally banging my head against a wall through this whole novel...but in a good way.  Jamie is not a Romance novel character who is always perfect in the right ways.  He's flawed and real.  He's a man of his time.  He's INFURIATING.  And sexy and devoted and strong and stubborn AND romantic.  I am still so insanely jealous of Claire.
"If I Ever Leave This World Alive" - Flogging Molly
If I Ever Leave This World Alive by Flogging Molly on Grooveshark

Know what? I haven't even finished this book yet, but I already know how much I love Daniel.  The way he talks about Sophia makes my heart stop a little bit.  He is so wise and romantic.  Such a great combination.  There is nothing frivolous about Daniel.  This is what romance is all about.
"A Thousand Years" Christina Perri
A Thousand Years  by Christina Perri on Grooveshark

Oh, beautiful Prince Brigan.  Such a stubborn ass at one moment, then charming the next.  I love each of Cashores male's character to be honest, but Brigan was by far my favorite.  He challenged Fire without being overbearing.  He was just perfect.

"King and Lionheart" - Of Monsters and Men
King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men on Grooveshark

All of these swoon-worthy characters.  Is it hot in here?

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