Love Rehab: A novel in twelve steps
by Jo Piazza

Published by: Open Road Media
Date: June 4, 2013
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Source: NetGalley (thank you!)

 After Sophie's ugly breakup leaves her ice-cream-eating in pajamas on her Grandma's couch and her best friend, Annie's alcohol-induced escapades lands her in AA, together they form Love Rehab, a retreat for New York's most love-sick addicts.  Hilarity ensues.

The first couple chapters of this book had me rolling.  The beginning was drenched in cynicism and sarcasm and I was loving it.  I haven't read many books that had me laughing out loud.  This one had me laughing out loud and with duration.  It was quirky and real.

The laughter load lightens a bit toward the meat and bones of the story, which was slightly disappointing, but still enjoyable.  I really felt like I understood what each girl was going through.  It was tender when it needed to be tender and gritty when it needed to be gritty.

It was basically a rom-com that was heavier on the com than the rom.   It gets a little cheesy at moments, but overall, it's a quick, fun read that is perfect for a poolside respite.

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