I had not realized until we discussed settings in the book chat one week that I tend to read a lot of stories set in the great outdoors. Survival stories, post-apocalypse stories and adventure stories. I love when an author truly captures that love and respect for Mother Nature in his/her novel. And from my experience this week, it's really no surprise that writers draw inspiration from the outdoors in their writing. From Walden Pond to The Hunger Games, there is no place more inspiring than the serene essence of a wooded landscape. The birds singing and the crisp smell of wet trees in the sunshine. I know when I come out here I feel so refreshed. So renewed. My mind is clear and nothing seems impossible.

Some of my favorite outdoor settings involve some sort of outdoor survival. I don't know where this came from. I grew up a small town city girl, and I was paralyzed with fear the first time I went camping. Now, after living abroad and doing a little camping in our time, I am obsessed with outdoor living. I love stocking up on the essential gear and planning our food and activities. I love getting my hands dirty and my shoes muddy. I have come to the point of feeling more comfortable outdoors than indoors. I love that feeling of stripping life down to the bare bones and seeing the potential in the simple things. This is the feeling I get when I read a novel set in the great outdoors.

How do you feel about outdoor settings? Do you like these sorts of stories or do you prefer urban settings? What are some of your favorite nature set books?

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