So, this week I've been participating in this Read-a-Thon.
While I haven't been speeding through books like others probably do, I have been reading a lot more than usual.  I love these Read-a-Thons because they inspire me to read more during the day.  The laundry can wait, right?

This Read-a-Thon is fun because they have daily events and blog prompts.  I haven't been able to post every day (too busy reading!) so I thought I would do a little catchup today...

On Wednesday, they asked us to share our favorite female fictional characters.
If you remember, we had a book chat post of this topic, and it's one of my favorite book chats.  I think this topic needs to be recycled, no?
You can read that here.  

On Thursday, they asked us to share a quote from a book we're reading or a book that pulled at our heart strings. 
Well.  Well, well, well.
I'm currently listening to this book from Audible.

I am LOVING this book and the writing so much.  But I just KNOW tears and heartbreak are in my future.  I HAVE to keep listening, but at the same time, I'm terrified to keep listening.  I want to share a quote; however, like I said, I'm listening to it on audiobook, and I'm too scared to look up quotes for fear that I will read a spoiler.  Can't take those chances.

Today, they asked us to share our progress in the Read-a-Thon.  
Like I said, I haven't read a ton of books, but I have nearly finished two which is a big deal for me right now, since I'm getting over a reading slump. I haven't completely decided what I'm reading next.

If you've thought about joining a Read-a-Thon, you should.  They are so fun and inspiring.