I love book cover variations.  It's like seeing different artists' perspectives on the same story.  Each cover evokes a different emotion and captures a different feeling from the story.

The very best are the classics.  It's like free game for everyone to put their own spin on it.  Move over boring Penguin Classics covers.  I want all of these.

One of the cool things about being in Germany is that on the rare occasion I find an English book section, the books are usually the UK version, meaning different covers than what you find stateside.  On top of that, browsing the German books is fun because I get to try and guess what book it is in English.  
Titles don't always translate perfectly.

Here's an example...can you guess what this one is?

It literally translates into "The Tribute from Panem: Lethal Games".

Here's another...
Kinda cool, right?

Here are some more of my favorite book cover variations...


Sometimes, it's like the cover designer actually read the book.  

What are some of your favorite book covers?  Link up below!

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