This weekend, my mother and I are getting away for a quick weekend trip to Paris.  We are going to spend two days in the city and try to squeeze in as many sights as possible while also trying to absorb that unique Parisian charm.

Paris serves as the backdrop to some of my favorite movies.  So, to celebrate and prepare for our big trip, I want to share my top 5 with you...

The DaVinci Code

From the first time I read this book, I've wanted to see the Lourve.  And next week, I will.  Might even pull this pose.  Pics to come...

Paris, je t'aime

Caught this one on Netflix on a bored husband-less night.  So glad I did.  18 short films, all starring big actors, each set in a different district of Paris, capturing the essence of each arrondissement.  So good.  If you know or love Paris, you must watch this. I hear they made a New York one too.


Starring that gem of France, Audrey Tatou.  There is absolutely nothing not to like about this movie.

Moulin Rouge

Baz Luhrman and Ewan MacGregor.  Oui Oui.

Midnight in Paris

Quickly became a favorite movie of mine after only seeing it once.  This is the quintessential, literary-lover's perspective of Paris.

Do you have a favorite Parisian-set film that is on your list?  Any recommendations?