If you follow me on Instagram (@sweetgreent), then you've noticed that we had ourselves a sweet little alpine excursion this weekend.  I booked this weekend out of sheer frustration with our lack of traveling.  In short, we just needed away.  The trip was free of complications thanks to the BE-autiful Military Lodge the have down in Garmisch, at the base of the German alps.  As an added bonus, some friends of ours we rarely get to see happened to be staying there at the same time.  Perfection.

Okay, take a moment away from my rambling to feast your eyes…then, I'll explain it all.

Gorgeous, right?
We basically spent 48 hours in all of that, and it was perfect. We spent Saturday hiking up to some castle ruins.  We rested at the top for a cold brew and a snack, then made our way back down.  Here's the thing about hiking.  In my opinion, there is just nothing not to love about being outdoors and walking through the woods on a  beautiful day.  To just be outside, you're not thinking about emails, deadlines, homework, the gym or money.  It's my reset button.  It really is the most freeing feeling I can find and I would do it everyday if everyday were like this.
Sunday, we took a cable car to the top of one of the mountains in the area.  To give you perspective, this was one of the "small mountains" we were on.  But check out that view.  Heaven on earth right there.

As much as I didn't want to return to real life, I was also feeling so refreshed and ready for the week that Monday morning actually felt great.  Here's to a beautiful week, friends.