Adventure.  I love that word.  It reminds me of books I used to read as a kid and my favorite movies.  Adventure makes me feel young again.  Why don't we go on adventures anymore?  Why don't we use that phrase?
Let's go on an adventure.

I often wonder what my kids would think if I woke them up one day and said those words.  Let's go on an adventure.  Would they think of traipsing through the woods?  Traveling somewhere far?  Would it involve something dangerous, funny or scary?  I'm so afraid that they would pass on my suggestion and opt for staying home instead.

Everyone loves adventure.  I truly believe that, but I know too many who would rather steer clear of the unknown and stick with what's comfortable.  Perhaps, that's what books and movies are for.  We don't need to put ourselves at risk if Indiana Jones/Harry Potter/Dr. Who are willing to do it for us.  But if we don't adventure, who will tell the stories?

Adventure is often an euphemism in our family.  When we're traveling and things don't turn out right or the trip takes a strange turn, you'll hear us say: well that was an adventure.  It often means that whatever happened was not what we wanted or expected.  Getting lost in a big, foreign city.  Adventure.  Albeit, not one we wish to experience.  Still exciting, still new, still something that makes us feel alive.  And what could be better than that?

Living abroad, the sense of adventure is always there, lurking around every trip.  With every new place we see, we shed another layer of fear of the unknown.  We get a little bit more adventurous.

And what we want most for our kids to gain from this experience is that being adventurous doesn't always mean jumping out of an airplane (please don't) or hiking to a mountain peak.  Adventure can mean trying new foods you've never tried, speaking with locals in cultures you've never spoken with before, making a new friend, being open minded and level-headed. But mostly, it's about creating new memories.

It keeps the soul fresh.  It builds character.  It adds to the layers of who we are.

So, whether it be traveling, falling in love, making a change in your life or having children of your own, please just go on an adventure.

Thank you to Mia and Vashelle for the excellent prompt today!  Read the rest of the Write or Die posts at the link up here.

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