It's for real this time.  The book chat is back!

So, for today's topic, let's just start off easy.  What are you currently reading?  Is it something different, new?  Do you love it?  Or not?

So, I'm actually reading a few different things right now. And I'm pretty excited about all of them.

1. Bird by Bird - Anne Lamott

This is the book selection for the Write or Die Book Club!  I'm so excited to finally read this book.  I've had it on my TBR shelf for so long, and as a writer, I feel a little bit ashamed that I haven't read it already.

The book chronicles Lamott's journey through writer-hood with tips and advice on writing and surviving the lifestyle.

I'm so excited to finally dig into this, and even better, share thoughts with my WODW buddies.

2. In Search of Yesterday - Romance Series - Amanda Richardson

This is a romance series that comes out in episodes, one every week.  Each episode is about 35 pages and takes about an hour to read.  How cool is that?

I think Amanda Richardson has really tapped into something cool here.  Just like Netflix, I want to binge read every single episode of this series.  The greatest thing about it is that it's fast paced and gratifying.

I've read the first three and now I'm waiting for episode four, which I hear is the last one...but that's can't be true, because.  Because.  Just no.

Oh and the first episode is FREE!

3. Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas

The library called.  They said your book is in.
K thanks bye.

I really loved Throne of Glass, only I wish it had more action. From what I hear, Crown of Midnight delivers.  I cannot wait to dive into this sequel.

So, that is what I'm currently reading.  I'm finally over that awful reading slump that consumed me for almost a year.  It feels so good to be reading and book chatting again!

Have you read any of these books?  What did you think about them?


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