Well, it's official.  For the second year in a row, I won NaNoWriMo! I love that they call it winning, even though it's not competitive. The fact that I completed another novel within a month makes me feel like a winner, so I'm on board.

And since I'm celebrating, I figure it's time to share the project with the world.

The Queen of Normandy {working title} is set in 1955 in a re-imagined, prolonged World War II.  The story revolves around Iris, a seventeen-year-old girl in hiding on the coast of France. One day, Iris finds an injured, Russian soldier in the woods behind her estate and must decide if playing by the rules of war is worth sacrificing her morals to do so.  Before long, Iris discovers that there is more to this soldier than meets the eye, and together, they learn more about war and peace than they ever imagined.  

Want a visual peak at The Queen of Normandy?  Check out my Pinterest board for the project?  It's apocalypse meets WWII.  A touch of dark and light.  War and romance.  Young and old.

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What do you think?

As for future plans on this project, let's just say "get in line."  I'm still working on getting The Hereafter on shelves in 2016 as well as getting The Fiddler ready for editors.  So, I'll keep you updated on the progress on any and all projects.

Have a fabulous weekend, friends!