Happy Friday, friends!  Today, I'm excited to share the cover reveal for my new book, The Hereafter! I'm excited about it because, well duh, it's my first book.  But also, I'm excited about it because I'm pretty fond of the cover designer as well.  

Fran of FreeBorboleta has beeen a close blog friend for a few years now. She's the creator of the beautiful blog design you are looking at right now.  In short, she gets me. So, who else would I ask to design my first novel?

And just as before, she took the crazy thoughts and ideas in my head and turned them into something beautiful.  

Less talking, more showing. Feast your eyes!

Available March 18, 2016
Isn't it beautiful?
Yes. Yes it is.

Check out Fran's full portfolio and don't miss out on the chance to work with her for all of your design needs: FreeBorboleta

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I can't end this post without mentioning some of the amazing bloggers and friends who offered to share in the cover reveal today. Please go send them some love if you have a minute.

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