Baby v. Laptop

Turns out your laptop can only handle being pulled off the couch so many times.
This why I fully recommend purchasing the "covers everything" 3 year warranty from best buy. This is the second time my poor little laptop has been repaired after suffering the wrath of destructive kiddos.
So even though its being fixed as we speak I must still endure these next couple weeks laptop-less.  Looks like I'll get some reading and sewing done...not a terrible thing.
With the upcoming homecoming and dress hunt, this could not have come at a worst time. I have so many things to blog! Oh well. C'est la vie.
Until then, I have fully equipped my phone with the blogger and Google reader apps so I don't completely fall out of the loop.

Wish me luck...


  1. a couple weeks without a laptop, sounds like a quest for enlightenment :) at least your phone can compensate! :) <3

  2. Oh no! I've got to admit my laptop has slipped off the couch a few times and I don't have anyone else to blame but me. I need to be more careful!

  3. Oh no! I had to take mine in for some repairs recently too, but my 3-year Apple Care had just expired. :(

    On the bright side, this will be a great time to catch up on non-computer reading!! Hang in there!


  4. best of luck with fixing your laptop! i couldn't agree with you more about purchasing a warrantee! with my last computer, i spilled water on the keyboard twice. haha! but hey, stuff happens. :)



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