Another beautiful day today. Started out at the local farmer's market downtown. I was on the market for a basil plant.

Confession: I suck at keeping plants alive. My house is where plants come to die. The best I have ever done was keep a basil plant alive for a couple months last summer. I WANT to garden so badly but for some reason, I suck at it. So today I found a great stand at the market with vegetables & herb plants of every variety, but more importantly an informative gardener who walked me through the whole process. She even insisted I come back next week for more help or questions. Today, I walked away with an heirloom tomato plant & Genovese basil plant.
After an afternoon picnic in the park, complete with some fresh sugar snap peas, yum, I was anxious to get my plants settled into their (hopefully) permanent home.

I had some help.

This is my heirloom tomato.
I was unaware tomatoes had so many varieties, but apparently this is a "yellow bomb".

Here she in in her new home.

And my basil in his new home.
Does anyone else love basil as much as I do? I must have it in my house at all times. Next week I think I'll pick up a fresh tomato & some mozzarella. YUM!

This is spring to me. It feels so good to be outside, getting my hands dirty & ending up with something beautiful. Wish me luck.

How about you guys? Are there any gardeners or green thumbs out there? Any advice?

Happy Spring!