Sweet Green Thumb

Another beautiful day today. Started out at the local farmer's market downtown. I was on the market for a basil plant.

Confession: I suck at keeping plants alive. My house is where plants come to die. The best I have ever done was keep a basil plant alive for a couple months last summer. I WANT to garden so badly but for some reason, I suck at it. So today I found a great stand at the market with vegetables & herb plants of every variety, but more importantly an informative gardener who walked me through the whole process. She even insisted I come back next week for more help or questions. Today, I walked away with an heirloom tomato plant & Genovese basil plant.
After an afternoon picnic in the park, complete with some fresh sugar snap peas, yum, I was anxious to get my plants settled into their (hopefully) permanent home.

I had some help.

This is my heirloom tomato.
I was unaware tomatoes had so many varieties, but apparently this is a "yellow bomb".

Here she in in her new home.

And my basil in his new home.
Does anyone else love basil as much as I do? I must have it in my house at all times. Next week I think I'll pick up a fresh tomato & some mozzarella. YUM!

This is spring to me. It feels so good to be outside, getting my hands dirty & ending up with something beautiful. Wish me luck.

How about you guys? Are there any gardeners or green thumbs out there? Any advice?

Happy Spring!


  1. Love the pic of you and lil man!!
    *Good Luck*

  2. I have this idea that someday i'll garden and it just never happens. sigh.

  3. Hey Jessica,
    I am the same as you... love to garden, but I'm not so hot at it!
    Actually, I have been doing really good with indoor plants, but as soon as I try something outside they die. I just need an indoor greenhouse!

    Hey... thanks for adding my button! If you have one, or get one- lemme know! I'd love to return the favor!


  4. I love it too! No advice, though. I am also no good at gardening. Okay, but I never gets plants to really thrive like some people can. Good luck!




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