{blog} Resolutions for 2012

So as far as new year's resolutions go, there are some life changes/adjustments that I plan on making but I haven't exactly ironed them out yet.  Besides, I don't feel like there is ever a time when I'm NOT trying to better my life, so resolutions don't quite apply for me.
Anyway...what I do want to do is make a few changes with the ol' blog.  With my bloggy b'day coming up soon (eep!) I think this is a perfect time to reflect what how blogging has been, but also what I want to do differently. So here are a couple changes that have crossed my mind.

1. Talk about motherhood more

It has never been my intention to write a parenting/mommy blog.  I love my kids & they take up about 95% of my day, but that is exactly why I blog.  To have ME time.  A place to call my own.  However...there are important parts of my life that I want to share here...parts that involve terrible twos, potty training, distractable 6 year olds and vaccination schedules.  Mommyhood is not just my job...it is my life.  I promise you this though...SGT will not become a mommy-blog.  scouts honor.

2. Be real.

My favorite blogs are the ones that I feel are the most honest.  They aren't afraid to bare it all.  Dirty piles of laundry and misbehaving children. 
This year I want to work on blogging my life as it is, not how i want people to think it is.

3.  Let my goofy side show

because it's my favorite side.

4. 365 Photography
I haven't even found a link-up or anything yet, I'm just doing it because now is the time to start.  I want to see an entire year journaled with a picture a day.
Most of these will probably be iPhone pics.

5. Blog about music & books more
IF my blog had a single focus, which it does not, that single focus with be either music or books.  Reviews, releases, raves and complaints.  I still don't want my blog to have a single focus, but I would like to hone in on these topics a little more than I have.


  1. Awesome bloggy resolutions! I can't wait to read more!

  2. I had something wonderful to comment but my phone didnt let me...and now I cant remember. My biggest blog issue is feeling like I need to stick to 'rules'...because it's girl meets camera I feel like I need to always take and post pictures. And as much as I try to keep it real there are a lot of photos I leave out because 96% of the time there is a full laundry basket on the couch and I dont want the world to see :P

  3. lol and while you want to bring some mommy to your blog Im so tired of posting pictures of my kids doing the same thing in the same spot every day. I need to branch out! Our blogs should get together and have a bloggy baby. It would be awesome.


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