Today my sweet little blog is ONE year old!  I can't believe a year has gone by!  
Here's a glimpse at what this year has held for my little Sweet Green Tangerine...

I wrote my first (awkward) blog post.  Enjoyed a girls craft night with my bestie & MIL.  Did a couple tutorials to get my feet wet and shared some Goodwill finds.


I shared my son's Dino Party & some fun spray paint projects.  I noted that I had just bought gas for $3.19/gallon (it is currently $3.08 on post, so there's that).  I shared random facts about myself in a Stylish Blogger Award and I simplified my home.

I took some time off from blogging to celebrate St Pats and talked about making excuses.  I took a style challenge. I discovered Mumford & Sons and invited my readers to share their favorite new music...a music blogger was born.

I showcased my favorite little heroes and shared some more music.  Began the hunt for the yellow homecoming dress.  Found THE COOLEST BUS EVER.  Attended the concert that changed my life and celebrated my 28th birthday.  April was my favorite.

I got deep & talked about raising a prince charming.  I got bangs and had the best girls day ever. (still my most popular post to date). I celebrated spring with some gardening.  The baby and the laptop battled...the baby won.

Blogging hiatus begins. {sad face} The laptop was in the shop & I was celebrating my husbands homecoming.

Went on the Great American Roadtrip with the family & took the rest of the summer off from blogging.

Faced with the upcoming move to Alabama I was feeling blue with a massive summer hangover.  Shared some more music love and some much needed ME time

Things began looking up and I shared my Autumn Lovely day.  Shared a special picture on September 11th & had the best fashion week of my life.

Blogging came to the rescue and saved this damsel in distress from Alabama boredom.  The family went to the punkin patch and I did my first ever "Up To" Tuesday.  Oh and My favorite Wordless Wednesday ever.  Oh and my first Scavenger Hunt Sunday. (seriously I blogged a lot that month)  Wrote my favorite post, ABC's of Thrifting.  Used that Pinterest inspiration and did a tutorial for a floating bookshelf. Talked about ideas for literary character costumes.  Made a sewing room soundtrack and made my first Halloween costume. It was a great month for blogging. Epic.

Kept the blog train a-movin. Made some pencil pouches I found on Pinterest. My blog got a BEA-utiful makeover and so did my sewing room. The boys and I sent my mom a birthday greeting.  Showed off my favorite veteran.  Began my first quilt and spent a lot of time making homemade gifts.  Whew.

Stared my first sponsor swap!  Shared my addiction with book trilogies.  Reminisced about my favorite Christmas memory.  Did my first guest post.  Got an iPhone & showed off my Christmas decor.  Wrangled in some fellow bloggers to do a 2011 Favorites series.  Made a list of my favorite albums, books and photos of 2011.  Celebrated my first Christmas in Alabama. December was a marathon.

Wow.  I love looking back at how my blog has grown. I remember this blog starting out as a crafter's blog, but now I can see it is SO much more.  Blogging in general has changed my life.  The connections I have made are priceless.  Whenever I was feeling bored, lonely, going through yet another identity crisis,  needing inspiration or a friend to talk to, blogging has been there.  And not just mine, I mean all of yours too.  I'm not kidding, I hope this goes on forever.

And I couldn't celebrate this milestone without mentioning the ballistic blogger without whom I would have never began blogging in the first place.  We have a habit of pushing each other to do extravagant things just so we can say we did. (You should see what she's up to now) We sort of started this on a dare not knowing where it would go or if we would even stick with it.  But we did!  And I'm so glad we did. I love you Beckster!  You will always be raw potatoes to me ;)

Happy Birthday my sweet little blog.
Thanks to you all.