Last week, we enjoyed our family vacation in Tampa Bay, Florida.  It was three days of amusement parks, eating good food and just exploring around town.  Do you know how happy I was to just get on the interstate!  And we went to an actual BIG mall.  I was beside myself.  I've been in Alabama too long.
We had so much fun.  Seriously, so much fun.

First stop:

 This little guy despises strollers so he hung out in the Ergo (a.k.a. baby backpack) aaaalllll day.
And the next day too.  I probably walked 10 miles in those 2 days with a 25lb toddler on my back.  No pain or soreness. That thing is legit.

 Can't not get a picture with D.V.

Jeremy & Jonathan
 (If you recognize Jeremy's shirt, we should be friends.)

 Lego Styracosaurus. of course.

 Jonathan & I on the Coastersaurus 
(for the 3rd time)

 Jude is a fan of the carousel.

And who could forget the lego Statue of Liberty

All-in-all, Legoland was fun.  It is the perfect park for 5-15 year old kids (mainly boys).  The rides were nothing like Six Flags or Busch Gardens and they were way too short, but they were still fun.  They were the perfect size for Jonathan's FIRST roller coaster.  He was instantly addicted.  You should have seen how many he was riding at Busch Gardens the next day...the really scary ones too.  

But that photo dump is for another day...