Ok so for this week's Travel Tuesday, Megan asked us to share our favorite field trip as a kid.  Well, all week, I knew I would mention the school trip to Lincoln Park Zoo I took with my dad (insert super geeky photo of me in 1991 here)...BUT those photos still reside in the care of my parents some 3,000 miles away.  And there's really not much more to the story other than- it was my favorite trip because my Dad chaperoned and I was all giddy and excited about the long bus ride to the city and it was just the best day ever.  That trip is the reason I attend all of my son's field trips that I can, and I adore seeing that same giddy look on his face, and knowing exactly how he feels.  Makes my heart all fuzzy.

Moving on.  Since that's all I have to say about the field trips...I thought I would stretch the topic a bit.  ((don't worry.  Megan stretches my book chat topics all the time, so she owes me. *kidding Megan!))

So...in approximately 22 days, I will be residing in a tent in a FIELD (<---see what I did there?) for about 4 days, 5 nights.  Believe it or not people, I'm getting very excited about the camping aspect of this trip.

This is a bit lot shocking based on two facts:
1- I'm not a roughin-it kind of girl.  I've said a few times that I am a city girl to the core.  I like shiny hotels with big bathtubs.  I've been camping twice as an adult.  Both times I went with Jeremy and his family, who are all avid hunters/outdoorsmen.  I basically sat on the bed of the truck and watched them set up camp, cook my food, kill the bugs and build the fire.  However, that was nearly 10 years ago.  I've come a LONG way since then, and Jeremy won't be there to help me this time.  I'm excited to just get my hands dirty, break a sweat and prove to myself I can do this.  (Plus, we're not exactly in the middle of the woods.  It's in a field along with about 100,00 other people.  No one's getting eaten by bears)

2- I realize seasoned festival-goers are laughing at me right now.  I've read the blogs.  I know it's hot.  I know by day four, I'll be begging for a hot shower and cool A/C.  I'm sure when I read this a month from now, I'll probably be laughing at myself, but that's honestly okay.  Because on top of the blazing weather and blistering sunburns, I'll be listening to fantastic music, meeting crazy people, and laughing my ass off with my best friend.
(us roughing it on St Pats at dawn in Savannah)

There are a couple things I am concerned about...

1.  Coffee!!  
You may laugh, but I am genuinely concerned about this.  I drink 3 cups a day, people!  And I know I can get caffeine in those acai berry smoothies and Red Bull and soda, but it won't be the same.  I have considered getting a hot water percolator that I can just plug into the car...seriously I'm that desperate.  I've also considered those instant iced coffees Starbucks makes.  I am accepting ideas!

2.  I'm terrified it's going to rain.  
*Frame of reference: Recall that scene from Troop Beverly Hills when the rain is falling on their campsite and she's scrambling to save the fondue pot. **chuckle**  Cut to them in the Beverly Hills hotel.
Yeah, that will be me.  Aren't I roughing it enough just living outdoors for that many days?  Add water falling from the sky, and I fear I might lose it.  I have completely convinced myself that it doesn't matter.  I won't let a little rain ruin this trip.  IF it does happen to rain, I will do the only thing I can do.  Throw on a poncho, crack open a cheap beer, and enjoy the show.  And try not to let my Toms get too muddy.

But honestly, I think I got this.  I've done my research.  I've gotten all of the tips I can from my outdoors guru.  I am the owner of a shiny new tent that is apparently so easy to put up, even I can do it. (I've watched YouTube videos of it). I've planned the meals and bought the beer.  This is one "field" trip (wink) I am excited about.

Megan, I hope you don't mind my stretch too much!
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**Here is a blanket apology now for all the Bonnaroo talk that will be going down between now and the week after June 10th.  I can't help it.  It has been a year in the making and it's pretty much ruling my free time right now.