Wow, you guys.  I can't believe my journey to Bonnaroo begins today!  My best friend from Arizona arrived on Monday and yesterday we spent all day shopping, packing and playlist making so now we're just about ready!

I admit I'm a bit nervous about leaving the boys.  Jeremy's mom is here to take care of them while I'm gone and poor Jeremy is SO busy with work right now.  I can't help but feel bad that this trip had to fall on the most hectic part of this summer, but we have planned this for so long and have taken every precaution.  Everything will be alright, but I will miss them like crazy!

The route is planned, the food is prepared and the drinks are cold.

Bonnaroo, here I come!!

I'm sorry that the blog will be a bit quiet this week.  I do have Thursday's book chat already lined up.  Don't forget to link up at Melissa's blog instead of here.  Sorry the button did get up until today.  It's been crazy around here!


I promise to give the FULL Bonnaroo report when I get back!

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What kind of friend would I be if I didn't leave you with a great music video?