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When I saw that Lesley {By the Porchlight} was hosting a link-up party related to books I thought...clearly, I need to blog about books more.  ahem.

Here are the questions...

I'm actually not really into anything at the moment.  I just finished Wither by Lauren DeStefano yesterday and loved it a lot.  I want to read the sequel but it's not at the library, and I'm refraining from purchasing it for $10 on Kindle to save money for Christmas.  *cough*christmas present idea*cough*

I picked this book up from the library and have only read a chapter so far.
I picked it for this book challenge.  I don't really know what it's about yet.  There's a boy and his father and it revolves around a book and it's mystery author.  It's supposed to be phenomenal for bibliophiles like ourselves.  I'm hoping to get into it soon.  Today was a book hangover for me.

Three favorites of all time?!  This won't be easy...

We're all nodding in agreement, right? I don't think I need to go into detail on this one.

We all remember our first love, right?

I mean, come on.  

I can't not mention a few others like The Handmaid's Tale, The Kite Runner, Still Life with Woodpecker, The Fault in Our Stars and my most recent favorite, The Night Circus.  
This was a cruel question, Lesley. ;)

Great question.  I immediately head to the cafe.  I have to have a hot coffee in my hand as I peruse the shelves.  If I have my kids with me, I go straight for the train table in the kid's department, grabbing an armful of books along the way to look through as I sip my coffee and watch them play.  

What a great link-up!  If you like books, you should join in with this one.  Who doesn't love blogging about books??

By the Porchlight

And just a returns on the 29th!  The topic question is: What are your holiday reading plans?


  1. I just started The Night Circus and I'm sucked in. But I have a confession, I have yet to read The Hunger Games. It's in my tbr pile but I never seem to get to it!

  2. Yayyy this is great! I love your answers. Checking out Wither right now! I can't WAIT to start Night Circus! Everyone says it's so good! Thanks for linking up!

  3. I LOVE the Hunger Games and teh Book Thief! They were both so good...definitely on my top 10 list!

  4. Thanks for linking up, Jessica! :) You mentioned a couple of books that I need to check out! :) Loved reading your responses!! Hope to see you link up again next month!

  5. Ah... The Hunger Games is fabulous!! I couldn't put it down! The third book was my favorite! :)
    I'm a new follower from Literary Junkies! Nice meeting you through this fantastic link up!!

    Sarah @

  6. Ok so I have to add ALL Of these books to my to read list, which as like, tripled since this link up went live! LOL

  7. LOVED the Hunger Games. I know some people will get ticked with this but I found it so much more enjoyable than the Twilight Series.

  8. Great answers! If you like books about books, you should read History of Love by Nicole Krauss. I wish I'd thought of this before I wrote my answers for the link-up... probably would've picked it as one of my 3 favorites (which, I agree, is a cruel and impossible question).

  9. I will have to add your favorites to my "to read" list!! (minus the Hunger Games, because I already read that one, it's just amazing!!

    Found you via the link up! Looking forward to next month!!

  10. Coffee in hand is pretty much a must for me when perusing in a book store hehe

  11. Soooooo happy you enjoyed Wither :D I still love the fact that I got to send you a personal copy of a book I enjoyed so much. Book Swap must happen soon. And I mean, I love that 3 of your all time faves are mine too. Book Thief? Unbeatable.

  12. I have The Book Thief on my nightstand ready to read! I've heard such great things about it.
    Isn’t That Charming.

  13. Just found you blog! So cute!

    Newest follower!

    ♥, Sarah
    The Life of a Redhead

  14. Oh, how I love my books! I want to play but I have too many blog posts coming up on my blog to do it there.
    1. Oh boy. I am currently working through the Bible in one year, finishing up Wild by Cheryl Strayed, and in the middle of Diary of a Mad Mom to Be by Laura Wolf.
    2. I believe that was supposed to be three favorites. Yikes, hard to pick! I'll do three favorite authors instead! Jodi Picoult, Stephen King, and Sara Shepard
    3. I also like to have a beverage in my hands while I browse the shelves. At my current bookstore, I first head to the free books section! From there I do the new adult fiction, then young adult fiction, then memoirs and non-fiction... and occasionally children's. =]

  15. Some of your favorites are my favorites, so I just wrote down all those you recommended. Thanks! Stopping by (late) from the link-up.


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