We all know I'm a major book worm now, but the truth is that I wasn't always such an avid reader.  I have always loved books, but it wasn't until my twenties when I became a read-everyday kind of person.

Now that I consider myself a real book worm, I look back at my childhood and can reflect on the evolution of a budding bibliophile in the making...

- During our school's book fair, I would hide my favorite books behind other books so that when I returned the next day with money, I knew I would have a copy hidden away just for me.

- I grew up in a small town where I could ride my bike into town alone.  The place I frequented the most was the library.  I can still remember the smell of that particular library as well as it's exact layout.

- I was a huge fan of the original American Girls.  Molly was my favorite. Samantha was my second favorite.  It was never about the dolls back then.  It was about the books.

- Once I reached high school, I was less inclined to read books and more inclined to read scripts and plays.  I went through a pretty serious Shakespeare phase and felt somehow connected to him after learning that we shared a birthday.  (I was a teenager, don't judge)
I memorized most of Romeo & Juliet, all of Ophelia's lines in Hamlet and the entire "to be or not to be" soliloquy.  I was pretty dead set on becoming a screenwriter or playwright when I grew up.

- The book that turned me into an everyday reader was In the Country of the Young by Lisa Carey.  I read it in 2006.  Before that I only read books sporadically and not everyday.

- I read Twilight during the week that the last book came out.  It wasn't nearly as crazy as it became a year later.  I was on a road trip to California with my friends, and they were constantly yelling at me for reading instead of talking to them.

- The first Jane Austen book I read was Northanger Abbey, and I hated it.

- I read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies but didn't finish it and picked up the original P&P instead.  It was the first classic novel I read just for fun, and I actually enjoyed it.

- My favorite classic novel is still Jane Eyre.

- I listen to audiobooks while I clean.  My house is usually a lot cleaner because of it.

- I bite my nails and play with my hair while I read.

- Nobody can be touching me while I'm reading. (weird, I know)

- I tend to mimic the characters' facial expressions.  If the character squints, I squint.  If the character sighs, I sigh.  If the character pouts, I pout.  I'm sure I look crazy to anyone watching me.

- I do the majority of my reading in bed or the bath.  If I read in public, I have to have headphones in or I get distracted by people talking.

- I have read 3 times more books in 2012 than I did in 2011.

- My favorite genre is still YA and I don't care what people think of that.  My favorite sub-genre is dystopian.  My favorite YA dystopian novel is The Hunger Games.   My favorite adult dystopia is The Handmaid's Tale.

- I hope to one day write a novel of my own.  Next year, I will complete my degree in creative writing and finally be on track to doing what I know I was always meant to do.
(Ironically, I don't intend on writing a YA or dystopian novel)

Well that was fun!  I love looking back and seeing how I have become the avid book lover that I am today.

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As for next week...it's that time of year again!  The best of 2012!  I want to hear the best books you read this year.  Or share all the books you read this year.  A year in review in terms of reading...