So, do you remember me talking about how we were anxiously awaiting orders for our next duty station?

Well, on Thursday, those orders came down.



I know. I know. Crazy, right?!  We wanted Germany, and we asked for Germany, but we never actually expected we would get it.  The Army doesn't make a habit of giving you what you want.  When Jeremy called to tell me what we got, I asked him no less than five times if he was messing with me.

If you don't know, we lived in Germany when Jonathan was born.  It was our first duty station, and we were 21/22 years old.  Being young and single in Germany is (I'm guessing) a lot different than being 30 with kids in Germany, which doesn't mean we are any less excited about it though.  We are stupid with excitement.  This is where our marriage started.  Where our family started.  Where we started.  We bonded with the adventure of living abroad, and it's something we hope to instill in the boys.

I hope you're looking forward to many more life-abroad posts in the future!