For today's book chat, I don't actually plan on participating exactly, but there is something I want to talk about...

My two year blog'iversary came and went last month.  I look back on this past couple years of blogging and I realize two major things.

ONE. I have made the most amazing friends. Everyone says that, right?  But I honestly believe that the book chat is a major part of that for me. I don't have people IRL who I can talk about books with (at least not the genres I like).   We don't all like the same books here and we may never meet in person, but I cherish these friendships immensely.

TWO. Blogging has given me the confidence and direction in my life that I needed.  I started this blog as a hobby.  I did crafts and took pictures of my kids.  At times, I thought I would quit because it didn't come naturally.  It took almost a whole year for me to discover an outlet that felt real to me.  That blogging about books could actually make my life better.  It may seem trivial to an outsider, but having somewhere to write about our passions and have someone else out there who reads it, enjoys it and writes back...To be involved in an industry, whether it be writing reviews, talking to authors and publishers or other reviewers, feeling like you're a part of it...It means the world to me.  Now, I know exactly what I want with this blog, and also with my life.  If that seems a bit extreme, it's because it is.  I don't know if that makes me a "book blogger" or what that even means, but I know that every Thursday I have a handful of other awesome bloggers who want to chat about books with me.  So what if I am tearing up a little bit right now.

I had a blast going through this past year's posts (38 book chat topics) and seeing that I'm not the only one who looks forward to Thursdays...

"I was so excited about today's Book Chat that I literally squealed, out loud, in my school's library"
-Elle of Wishin' Good Luck

"Thursdays are quickly becoming my favorite blogging day of the week because that means it’s time to link up over at Sweet Green Tangerine and talk books!"
- Melissa of  Press Play

"I stumbled upon The Book Chat last week and I've been anxiously waiting for Thursday to come around again! Not only does it give me another excuse to talk about books, but I love reading through everyone's linked up posts to get some amazing book recommendations."

"Thursday is quickly becoming my favorite day of the week. And not because it's payday either.  Thursday is Book Chat day." 
-Brighton of Dear Brighton

I love reading stuff like this every Thursday.

So today, for the book chat prompt, if you'd like, just pick any topic over the last year.  It can be one you already answered and you want to answer again, or maybe one that you missed the chance to answer before.

Just for fun, I chose my favorite three topics from the year...
Favorite Dystopian Novel
Favorite Male Character
The Book Chat Photo Challenge

You can see all of the topics here.


Come book chat with us!

To join in...
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3. Link back here in your post.  Or use the button provided.
4. Old posts are always welcome if you have blogged on the topic before.

Next weeks topic: Abandoning books