Tunesday v. 1

I have been bad about posting my Tunesday music posts.  I fall into a habit of blogging too much about books that I forget I want to blog about music too.  It's a new goal of mine to make this a Tuesday tradition of mine.  Also, I'm considering making it a link-up.  Not with a prompt like the book chat, but just a general, anything-music-related link up.  Very simple. Would you join in?  Also, give me feedback on what kind of music posts you like.  Do you like playlists, videos, album reviews?  I would appreciate your input.  You guys are the greatest.

It's not exactly the video for the song, but it's the newly released Yeah Yeah Yeahs song, and it's fantastic.  Gospel choir at the end...would we expect anything less?

I have wanted this album since it came out last summer.  I finally grabbed it during one of Amazon's one-day deals.  I can't stop listening to it.  

Another album I grabbed from Amazon.  Madness is by far my favorite track.  The rest is great, but a little INXS'ish if you ask me.

About a year ago, I shared a book playlist for Delirium...and since the trilogy's third book comes out today, I thought I'd re-share.

One of my all-time favorite albums.  Currently only $3.99 on Amazon.

I haven't heard the whole thing yet, but this album has been long-awaited and the critics are raving.

Have you bought any new albums lately or have a new favorite song? 

Happy Tunesday!


  1. I definitely prefer youtube or soundcloud links on music posts. If I can listen to it right away I get really excited and will do so, but if I have to look it up myself, I'll probably just shrug it off. Instant gratification girl right here!

  2. I like all the music suggestions but probably playlists the best. I am so behind on what's even recent or popular. My eight year-old usually controls the car radio so I know all about Radio Disney. I need grown up music help, haha!

  3. Love the Yeah Yeah Yeah's! And those Passion Pit/Muse albums are great. Oh man, I looked back at that guest post you wrote on my blog. GOOD TIMES. That was the beginning of our guest posting wasn't it? We've come so far since then! Haha :) Now you're just a weekly feature around my blog. Crazy, time flies!

    I really like the way you set up this post. If you always have time to do this, it's a really cool way to see what you're listening to and what's coming out + some good deals! I'd certainly post music once in a while with you! I don't always have time on Tuesdays, but I'm sure I'll want to join in once in a while! Not sure what I'd share yet. Maybe some current favorites? Some articles I've written on CONFRONT?


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