Our second Book-Lover of the Month is my sweet friend, Brighton! Brighton answered all of my interview questions, and I hope you follow her blog if you don't already. She and I have some major book favorites in common. She's a romance genre guru, so if you're interested in that genre, go to her for advice!

Here she is...

My favorite book-related post would be the very first one I wrote about children's book which was my favorite children's books for Halloween (http://www.simplebrighton.com/2012/09/best-halloween-books-for-kids.html). It's what gave me the idea for my 31 days of books series that I did in October.

There are a lot of books I read for entertainment and just because but the one book that I hold closest to my heart is Little House on the Prairie. My grandfather bought me the whole set of my birthday when I was younger and it was the first set of books that I ever considered "mine". It took me a long time to read through them all but after I finished each one I would talk about the story with my grandfather. We would talk about what happened to the characters and how things were different from the pioneer days. I did watch the tv show occasionally but I preferred the books instead.

It's hard to articulate why reading is special to me. I've loved to read as long as I can remember. When we were kids and would go shopping and be allowed to pick out a toy I always choose a book. Always. I guess I could say that I love how reading can take you to a different place every time you open the pages. I can immerse myself in a world that is not my own and go places that I'll most likely never travel to. I can meet people from all walks of life and experience things that I wouldn't normally in my everyday life. Reading is something that can influence my mood in good ways and bad ways. It can pick me up from a bad mood or send me there just as quickly.

Thanks, Brighton!

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